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Why Living on Purpose is More Important than Finding Your Mission

February 6, 2018


Today in episode 6 I'm talking about why I decided to stop talking about finding your mission, and started talking about living on purpose. 


About 4 years ago there began to be a fire in me to start working with women to help them wake up to see that they have a mission. I felt like I saw too much depression, to much loneliness, too many women who just didn't see how incredible they were, so many women with so much potential but confused and I wanted to help. I decided Iwould call it Women on a Mission, and help women focus on finding their mission. But it seemed that no matter how much I worked and tried to start, something didn't feel right. I could feel that the concept of being on a mission was right, but when I would think about focusing on finding it, it felt hollow and confusing.


After a lot of discussion I realized that the real key was living on purpose.


So how do we do that? 


You turn your life to God. "Oh, just that", I can almost hear you saying. But yes, just that! And exactly that. Doing it imperfectly, but doing it anyway. When we turn our lives to God we don't care how big or how small our platforms are, if we see the fruits now or in the next life, the only reward we seek is knowing that we are on his errand. 


So how do we do this? First, we pray. Often. We check in with him, we ask him, we report to him. We pray always. Second, we serve his children, in whatever way or platform he's blessed us with no matter how big or small we feel they are. We be on his errand. And then trust it will be sufficient, and that he'll take our meager efforts, our 5 loaves and 2 fishes if you will, and will make them enough. 



Isn't this what the Savior did? 


He came to change the world, every last person, yet how did he do it? As Sharon Eubank has recently said, "And what did He do? He walked more than a hundred miles from Dan to Beersheba and back and ministered to people one-on-one. Now how was that going to get the gospel out to the whole world? But that is what He did." And I would add, AND IT WORKED.


As we pray and serve, and lose ourselves the funny thing is somewhere along the way we find our mission. But what will probably matter more to us at that point are the people we helped along the way. 


So I want to end today with a challenge. As we talk about habits I want to challenge you to start a new habit, the habit to #everydaydogood. I'm going to start it as a hashtag that I use, and if you use it too that would be amazing. I would love to see it. So following the habit formula we chatted about in episodes 3 and 4, here is your cue. Every day in our morning prayers I want us to ask to know who to help that day, and then to have the courage to do it. 



And this is where the exciting announcement comes in. I've partnered with an amazing designer-turned-friend, Holly Sparks, who has designed beautiful prints we're now selling on the shop here. Each of the prints have an inspirational saying, and with each purchase you'll have lifetime personal access to the print in multiple forms, perfect for easy printing to hang, gift, or write on as a card. Print them as many times as you want, and go bless the world.


Obviously this is just one tool, and you don't have to have anything to #everydaydogood. Call a friend, put your arm around someone, be a good listener, do something anonymous. Just do good.


I'll be sharing service opportunities that I hear about over on my Instagram stories so feel free to send me ones you know of. But most importantly, serve those near you. I know many of you are mothers and do this instinctively and all day. Thank you for that. 


I know that as you focus on turning your life to God through prayer and service, you will find that mission, unfolding in front of you almost without you knowing it. 

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