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Want to Change Your Life? Start with Your Habits. Here's How.

January 20, 2018


So you're ready to start changing your what? 


On this week's live chat I talked about which habits to tackle first, and how to do it. You can watch the full live chat below, or over on my YouTube channel here:


For a quick recap, the best habits to tackle first are keystone habits--or habits that unlock the door to making other habits easier too. I like to call them the magic habits, and on the live chat I talked about how they're the "tinder" to lighting the fire to the life you want to live. 


 Some great keystone/"magic" habits to start with (and that will make other habits easier!): 


- Make your bed every morning - leads to better job satisfaction, exercising regularly, and feeling better rested.

- Having family dinners - leads to better homework skills, higher grades, better emotional control

- Daily exercise - leads to increased patience, less stress, better mood, and better eating

- Prayer and scripture study - leads to better perspective and trust, increased patience, less stress, better mood, and increased motivation

- Tracking what you eat - leads to better food regulation, weight loss

- Developing daily routines

- Daily meditation

- Daily planning

(see more here)


Now you've picked the habits you want to change, how do you start? The best way is to start small, and build up. For a great example see the breakdown by James Clear here



Throughout the rest of 2018, I invite you to join me in choosing 2 habits a month to improve--one negative habit to replace, and one positive habit to adopt! To help you track your goals and break down the process I've created 2 worksheets below that you can download free here! DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING HERE!



You in?


Connect with me over on Instagram to join in, and let's keep each other accountable! 








My favorite books on changing habits: 


by Charles Duhigg (with some great information at







 Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin









(Have you jumped on the audible train yet? If you want to try it out, you can get a free 30-day trial and 2 free audiobooks through the link below!)  



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